March 1, 2009

APN is accepting Your Blog Profiles and Reviews!

Do you have a blog or Read a blog that you feel is helpful for Adoptive Parents, Foster Parents or the Parents of a special needs child?

A Parents Network is interested in what you find interesting!

If you write a blog you would like to share please Connect with us and add your insight, wisdom, support and story to the Adoptive Parents Network! We are working hard to create a number of ways to connect Parents with each other and Blogs are a fantastic way for our families to share information and maintain total control over your own content.

If you know of a Blog written by someone else we would love to have your reviews! Be sure to leave a comment or contact APN with information about contributing a review of a blog you find helpful, interesting or humorous.

A Parents Network will be offering several opportunities for writers and bloggers in the next several weeks. We are looking for quality writers and experience parents of children with special needs, and adoptive and foster parents for a variety of projects. The best way to be considered for some of our upcoming positions and opportunities is to start Networking with A Parents Network and show us what you have and are writing.

We are excited about the plans and encourage anyone interested in becoming a part of  A Parents Network Contributing Writers Team to Contact Us and send your writing resume for more information.

February 2, 2009

A Must have if you want to make money from your Blog!

You might notice them as you look around at other people's blogs. We just added ours to this blog! One of the most important things a Blog writer needs to do if they intend to make some money "writing" on their blogs! And that's to Disclose!

In some cases, bloggers will not be able to apply for writing positions or considered for some advertising or affiliations without disclosing the fact to their readers. In order to be considered a "trusted" blogger with serious intentions an Advertising Disclosuer carries a lot of weight.

It's a simple statement and it's simple to create at the website With just a few moment's of time you can create your own, and have your blog ready not only to accept payments for some of the posts you may be paid to write, but to also inform your readers that sometimes you do!

This week we are working on getting the Adoptive Parents Network Blogs plugged in and official--so, look for our I Disclose advertising Disclosuers to be correctly placed and added to the APN Blogs. One Down and a few more to go!

Be sure to get your blog ready and take a little time to create and post your own Blog Advertising Disclosure at

Disclosure of Advertising

This website and it's affiliated blogs may include sponsored blogs created or supported by a company, organization or group of organizations. For questions about this website, please contact Anna Glendenning

This website and it's affiliated blogs and associated websites include:

Adoptive Parents Network The main website for the Adoptive Parents Network -- Adoptive Parent's Information, support and social Network.
The APNBlog the Official Adoptive Parents Network News and Information Blog.
New Memories aka: A RAD Mom's Journal Anna's oldest and first Blog.
A Mother's Guide... to sanity Anna's Newest Blog for keeping things from going completely over the edge...
Networking Anna's Middle-Aged, Blond, former surfer valley girl, Blog about building and running websites, forums, and blogs...

The above listed websites and blogs accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

These websites and blogs abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made on the websites and blogs. That content, advertising space or post will always be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

The owner of these websites and blogs is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner of these websites and blogs may receive compensation for an article or blog posts or for advertisements, visitors may be sure that Anna Glendenning will always give her honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on these websites and blogs are purely the Owners own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Anna Glendenning would like to disclose the following existing relationships. These are companies, organizations or individuals that may have a significant impact on the content of Anna's Websites and blogs.

We are employed by or consult with:

Google Adsense -- Advertising on pages.
Amazon Affiliate Program -- Amazon Store
Bravenet Hosting and Tools

We serve on the following corporate:

Adoptive Parents Network
Some of the advertising and all of the PayPal Contributions (under the Feeds) go directly to the Adoptive Parents Network LLC in order to fund the costs of the website and other support and advocacy issues.

These websites and blogs include information about people to whom members are related. The most interesting such people are: Our Families, Adoption Services and Support Programs, Schools, Mental Health Services, Doctors, Therapists and just about anyone else involved with children, special needs children and the adoption process.

We have a financial interest in the following that are relevant to our websites and blogs:

Adoptive Parents Network and
Quality Engineering Technologies INC. A personal Business since 1996

For information about the disclosure policies for each of the Websites and Blogs be sure to visit their specific Disclosure links on each site. To get your own policy, go to

January 31, 2009

APN Blog Network finally plugin with

All these little steps we are making to Plug Things In! It's been a long time sinc3 we opened our account and today we are finally plugging the APN Blog Network Blog in!

Technorati Profile

If you are part of then you can find the Adoptive Parents Network ther too!

January 29, 2009

EntreCard Challenge! 2,000 e.c. -- Still OPEN!

For EntreCard Bloggers Only...

On your Blog write a Post (150-300 words) about The Adoptive Parents Network. It can be about Adoption, Special Needs Parenting, Our New Redesigned Website or just about any topic.

Include a Link to the Adoptive Parents Network main website

The FIRST verified EntreCard Blogger to post a comment HERE will receive 2,000 ec once your post has been reviewed.

STILL OPEN -- I will let everyone know when this challenge has been Won!

January 15, 2009

APN Blog Network Entrecard Contest for January 2009

If you are a member or visitor to the Adoptive Parents Network website then you are aware we have a completely NEW format and design!

The APN Blog Network is just ONE of the ways we hope to bring each other together to Support, Share and Promote the Blogs written by each other--which means our members get to keep total control over their own content and be a part of our network of bloggers!

Our Entrecard Contest for January 2009:

The first 5 (five) Entrecard Bloggers who write a Post on their blog about the New Adoptive Parents Network website at:

Then leave a comment in the Entrecard email or on the promotion forum at this link: letting us know you have written about the Adoptive Parents Network for 250 e.c!

January 1, 2009

Are you ready to Blog 2009?

Happy New Year!

Not that I will admit to being the kind of person to make resolutions or anything, but... I am excited about the opportunity to put 2008 behind and start the New Year out with an optimistic and positive outlook! And I will confess that the Adoptive Parents Network Advisory Board has managed to set a few goals!

Goals are much more realistic then any resolution I have ever written on a list. Our goals are about taking the small steps, being flexible, and building a network of adoptive, foster and special needs parents.

If this is to be a year of change then now is the time to look for the ways we can inform, support and advocate in a more organized and united way. Our goals with the Blog Network is to bring together the personal contributions each blog owner has to share. At the same time allowing each of us to share and maintain control over the content of our own words.

The APN Blog Network will be one of the ways we connect and support not only each other but, perhaps make it possible to educate our communities and the professionals charged with the services and supports needed for adoptive, foster and special needs families.

If you are a parent blogger please be sure to subscribe to this blog and stay connected with the APN Blog Network. Be sure to stay connected and look forward to New Contests and Incentives to be announced very soon!

For now take some time to consider the goals you may have for your blog during the New Year and enjoy the time with family during the remainder of this wonderful break! If you are the type who admits to making Resolutions be sure to consider adding your blog to that list and plan to keep that resolutions with the Rest of Us!

December 15, 2008

Adoptive Parents Blog Network 2009!

Adoptive Parents Network is ready to start the New Year! With a complete website Make-Over and the formation of the APN Advisory Board we are getting excited about all of the exciting things planned for 2009.

Our New website is just starting to take shape and if there were 37 hours in the day things would be much farther along! However, the best things do take time to create and we are sure 2009 is going to be a very productive year.

The next phase of plans (today) is to get This Blog incorporated into the Main website and start thinking about how it will be used. We hope to make this a place where Adoptive Parent Bloggers can connect and support each other--as Bloggers!

We look forward to writing more Blog Reviews, as well as offering some exciting contests and incentives. Most of all we are looking forward to offering opportunities for talented writers to contribute in a variety of ways!

The Adoptive Parents Network experienced a number of changes and a few set-backs in 2008 but, we have decided to view these blips as another example in parenting! Sometimes we just need to get up in the morning and do our bests even when there are road blocks to stumble over!

We invite any adoptive parent bloggers to join the Adoptive Parents Network and take part in creating a resource of information, support and social connection. The APN Blog Network is bound to include those parents with a passion in writing (blogging) and building their own Internet Home to share intelligent and creative information.

Our bloggers don't need to hang out on our forums, or plug into chat rooms! The APN Blog Network is just one part of our vision and mission. We do however view the APN Blog Network as one of our best ideas for connection with each other.

We believe that because we are parenting children who have an adoption story which includes sensitive and personal information about Their Lives that our parents should take every effort to maintain control over the content published on the Internet. We view the Personal Blog as one of the most simple ways our parents can maintain total control over all of the details of their child's lives written.

Many of us have become members of a variety of websites and shared details about our children on websites we don't control. Some of us have posted things we may wish we could delete or edit and find it's impossible. We feel it's important to help educate other adoptive parents about implication of posting and writing about our children on websites we don't control.

We also believe the quality of the content our parents write on their own personal blogs is far superior to the thousands of posts found on the average adoption related forums. Most Forums seem to offer and require the SAME posts to be made over and over about the same things. Why continue to write the same forum posts over and over? Especially, if it's written on a forum so many are "BANNED" from and then left with no ability to edit or remove in the future?

By writing a Blog an Adoptive Parent has control over the content shared, and won't likely be banned from their own blogs--left with no control years later over words written?

A personal Blog means adoptive parents have control over the content of their words as well as some fantastic ways to connect with quality thinkers and writers. Why keep rephrasing the same advice, information and support over and over on a forum when a personal blog makes it possible for YOU to write these things once and add to them in a logical way?

If you don't have your personal blog started yet--what is stopping you? Why not make 2009 the Year you stop hanging around on some forum posting about which new car you think would be nice or the fact that your child's school is driving you crazy? Why spend your day posting and checking for answers when your blog has a built in comment system and you can also control the content posted TO YOU because it's your blog and you decide who says what on it?

We encourage you to consider the number of hours spent on all those other Adoption related websites and the fact that aside building an Internet friendship and sharing information what else do YOU GET from it? Why give your time to a website that uses your contributions for their OWN Income when you could be writing on your own Blog and generating your own profit from your efforts.

Why give your insight and support to a website where other's can respond to your words with posts back to you that may be hateful or offensive? Why spend your energy dealing with one website administrator infamous for Banning those who don't come from the same side of the adoption triad--or just because they have too much power? Why risk investing your passion and sharing so much only to be one of the thousands of members banned and then unable to control the contributions to their ego?

How often do you feel that you spent any free time you had in the day writing forum posts for some business to make a buck off your efforts and then ban you for objecting when you are torn apart for Not using the exact politically correct term... How often do you feel that you took great effort in making an important point in a post on someone else's website--only to find it was edited or deleted because someone else took objection?

Your Personal Blog is YOURS. As a blogger you Write what you want to write and you make the edits. You choose the comments you want connected to YOUR words. Those who enjoy and like your blog will come back, follow, comment and link up with you--Those who do not will go away when they find no way to "control" the content of your words.

...and how often do you feel your time posting on some forum was time spent doing little or nothing? Do you ever skip doing the laundry because you can't fold and type at the same time and you REALLY need to add your 2 cents before someone else says another stupid thing about something YOU know a lot about from personal experience?

We invite you to start your blog if you haven't already! The Adoptive Parents Network is about to give you a place to share what you have with those who will value your insight and support and the opportunity to do so with total control of your publicly published content... and we are about to offer you a way to make your words count!

It isn't that hard to create your own Blogger Blog... Just visit Google, create your Gmail Account and then visit your Google Account and create a Blogger Blog... Within just a few moments you will Seize Control of your content, time and be ready to Join the APN Blog Network for an adventure in 2009!

October 1, 2008 Loves Adoption Blogs

Adoptive Families is an award-winning national adoption magazine. Recognized as one of the leading adoption information sources for families before, during, and after adoption.

The Adoptive Families website has been around for nearly 10-years offering easy access to a wealth of information. I can't recall one real-life adoptive parent support group meeting where something from the Adoptive Families website or magazine hasn't been shared by at least one member.

This year Adoptive Families took notice of all the adoption related blogs being written by real people and real families and started a list of their picks for the Adoption Blogs they Love. listed under the two categories of Domestic and International Adoption.

To have the Adoption blog you Love the most nominated as your top choice all you need to do is Send an Email. Or leave a comment in the box at the bottom of this page and share your favorite blog with other the members and readers of the Adoptive Families website!