September 16, 2008

Add the APN Blog Network Badge to Your Blog

Add the APN Blog Network Badge to your Blog

Let your visitors know that You are a part of the Adoptive Parents Blog Network and are creating your own Internet Home to share with other foster, adoptive and special needs parents.

Add the APN Blog Network Badge to your Blog with a few simple steps. Simply "copy" the Code offered in the code box and place it on your blog.

APN Blog Network Badge

September 13, 2008

Entrecard Your Blog

You may have noticed the Entrecard Widget on the right column of this blog and other APN Blogs. If you are serious about blogging and haven't joined Entrecard yet you may not realize what you are missing!

What is Entrecard?

  • Entrecard is a blogging network where members "drop" cards to let other bloggers know they stopped by for a visit. Other bloggers can drop their card on your site when Visits.

  • Entrecard has a system of currency - Entrecard Credits (known as: EC for short)

  • The Entrecard Credits can be used to purchase advertisements on other sites Entrecard Widgets.

  • Entrecard Credits can be traded and used as payment for other blog networking activities.
...and a whole lot more!