January 1, 2009

Are you ready to Blog 2009?

Happy New Year!

Not that I will admit to being the kind of person to make resolutions or anything, but... I am excited about the opportunity to put 2008 behind and start the New Year out with an optimistic and positive outlook! And I will confess that the Adoptive Parents Network Advisory Board has managed to set a few goals!

Goals are much more realistic then any resolution I have ever written on a list. Our goals are about taking the small steps, being flexible, and building a network of adoptive, foster and special needs parents.

If this is to be a year of change then now is the time to look for the ways we can inform, support and advocate in a more organized and united way. Our goals with the Blog Network is to bring together the personal contributions each blog owner has to share. At the same time allowing each of us to share and maintain control over the content of our own words.

The APN Blog Network will be one of the ways we connect and support not only each other but, perhaps make it possible to educate our communities and the professionals charged with the services and supports needed for adoptive, foster and special needs families.

If you are a parent blogger please be sure to subscribe to this blog and stay connected with the APN Blog Network. Be sure to stay connected and look forward to New Contests and Incentives to be announced very soon!

For now take some time to consider the goals you may have for your blog during the New Year and enjoy the time with family during the remainder of this wonderful break! If you are the type who admits to making Resolutions be sure to consider adding your blog to that list and plan to keep that resolutions with the Rest of Us!

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