January 29, 2009

EntreCard Challenge! 2,000 e.c. -- Still OPEN!

For EntreCard Bloggers Only...

On your Blog write a Post (150-300 words) about The Adoptive Parents Network. It can be about Adoption, Special Needs Parenting, Our New Redesigned Website or just about any topic.

Include a Link to the Adoptive Parents Network main website


The FIRST verified EntreCard Blogger to post a comment HERE will receive 2,000 ec once your post has been reviewed.

STILL OPEN -- I will let everyone know when this challenge has been Won!


Anonymous said...

I emailed you a link to what I wrote on one of my blogs. Hope I win!


Anna Glendenning (Mom) said...

~r your blog is member read only so I can't see it? I would love to give you the EC credits but, can't see your blog so I am not sure you have an Entercard Widget or account.

If you make your blog public and add your Entrecard info there will be lots of Future Contests!

This Contest is Still OPEN!