February 2, 2009

A Must have if you want to make money from your Blog!

You might notice them as you look around at other people's blogs. We just added ours to this blog! One of the most important things a Blog writer needs to do if they intend to make some money "writing" on their blogs! And that's to Disclose!

In some cases, bloggers will not be able to apply for writing positions or considered for some advertising or affiliations without disclosing the fact to their readers. In order to be considered a "trusted" blogger with serious intentions an Advertising Disclosuer carries a lot of weight.

It's a simple statement and it's simple to create at the website DisclosurePolicy.org. With just a few moment's of time you can create your own, and have your blog ready not only to accept payments for some of the posts you may be paid to write, but to also inform your readers that sometimes you do!

This week we are working on getting the Adoptive Parents Network Blogs plugged in and official--so, look for our I Disclose advertising Disclosuers to be correctly placed and added to the APN Blogs. One Down and a few more to go!

Be sure to get your blog ready and take a little time to create and post your own Blog Advertising Disclosure at DisclouserPolicy.org

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Liane said...

disclosure policies are definately important. I've even activated my license in my RSS.